At Lui Bar, our team of bar-tending boffins are not satisfied with merely mastering the wonders of ice sphere manipulation. When it comes to mixing memorable drinks, we embrace ground breaking technology and exciting new techniques on a continuous mission to create cutting edge cocktails
Aside from out trademark slabs of pure ice, our classic Negroni served over a sphere of ice taps into Japanese philosophies. We're using the same volume as a cube but there's less surface area, therefore you get less dilution within the drink.
Our Macadamia Martini goes through what is known as a 'fat-washing process', using sous-vide technology. We infuse the macadamia nuts into vodka, a splash of citrus, and a few secret ingredients as well, before freezing and then filtering, all for one glass of fabulousness.
Currently the only bar in the Southern Hemisphere using a 'rotary evaporator', or a 'rotovap', Lui Bar boasts the unique ability to re-distill our premium spirits. The result is liquid gold of exceptional clarity and purity, tailored to stimulate the mind and dazzle the senses.

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